Folder Renamer

Folder Locking Software (FortKnox) 5.0

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Folder Size - Check directory size 1.5: Folder Size - view directory size
Folder Size - Check directory size 1.5

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Fast Folder Rename 1.5: Rename your folders by dragging and dropping!
Fast Folder Rename 1.5

Folder Rename allows you to rename multiple folders at once (first of its kind!) just by dragging and dropping from an explorer window. Basic options include changing of first letter to uppercase, all letters to uppercase/lowercase and truncation of characters to suit DOS systems. Additional options include allowing you to prefix, postfix, replace and remove strings from folders. Fast Folder Rename utilises the Quick File Rename engine code so renaming

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Rename Multiple Folders At Once Software 7.0: Change name of many folders and subfolders.
Rename Multiple Folders At Once Software 7.0

folders and subfolders in batch. Simply add folders and choose your renaming method. You can: change case to upper, lower, proper (title) or sentence case; add character/s to beginning, end, or inside of the folder name by position or by referencing surrounding character/s; remove and replace character/s; and remove alpha, numeric, alpha-numeric or non-alpha-numeric characters. Click `Preview` to verify changes and click `Start` to finalize renaming

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Batch File Renamer 2.4: Batch File Renamer v2.4 is best bulk file rename software to rename bulk files i
Batch File Renamer 2.4

Renamer replace any character, text, numeric digit from bulk file name. Batch File Renamer v2.4 software have a feature of real time preview of renamed files to avoid errors in rename of thousands of files. Batch File Renamer software have a feature of real time preview to avoid errors in rename of thousands of files. change, add and remove file extension with Batch File Renamer. Over 40+ different options for bulk file rename. Batch file Renamer

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Music Folder Organizer 4.39: Music Folder Organizer - High-end Music Folder Organizer; Organize all music
Music Folder Organizer 4.39

Music Folder Organizer - the application designed to organize music in folders. Use best music folder organizer, high-end music folder organizer tool, and cutting-edge music folder organizer solution to sort and organize music in folder of any size. Even music in folders containing different files can be organized with music folder organizer, high-end music folder organizer program and best music folder organizer tool.

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Simpli-File Renamer 1.6.0: Rename any number of files and folders based on criteria!  Organize your files!
Simpli-File Renamer 1.6.0

Do you have files or folders that you need to rename easily? This might be the perfect program for you. Simpli-File Renamer is the easiest way to rename as many files or folders as you need to in order to get your computer arranged the way you want it. You can rename files and folders by auto-numbering, replacing text, inserting text, trimming characters, changing casing and MUCH MORE!

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